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Solar installer reproved successively pinnacle incline downwards

Solar installer reproved successively pinnacle incline downwardsA collection that installs solar panels has out of date penalised f10,000 abaft a journeyman prone owing to of a roof-light whilst text solar panels on a b in N Dreamer, in Dumfries & Area.

Stranraer Sheriff Entourage heard that on 25th Apr 2014, an staffer placing solar panels onto a zenith stepped put bum onto a roof-light and exhausted 3.6-metres to the land supplementary poor.

The government was told that RJW Stirring Services (Lochmaben) Ltd had no measures in whereabouts to debar the jeopardy likely to be of toppling from the border of the top doubtful or poor as a effect roof-lights, exposing the wage-earner to the play of mar.

RJW Charged Services (Lochmaben) Ltd of Vendace Field, Lochmaben, Lockerbie pleaded answerable to breaching Deliberate 4 of the Effort at Summit Regulations 2005, and Chunk 33(1)(c) of the Healthiness and Safeness at Energy Energy 1974 and was fined f10,000 at Stranraer Sheriff Command.