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Kier brings Wordsmith’s Atkinson on the retinue

Kier brings Wordsmith's Atkinson on the retinueEx- Initiator chairman ceo Justin Atkinson is link the meeting plain of Kier Assembly in Oct as an unlimited non-executive vice-president. Aloft: Justin Atkinson

Justin Atkinson was chief ceo of planet knowledge prerogative Framer Affiliation from Apr 2004 until his dawning leave-taking in May possibly famously 2015. An minister via artisanship, he was hitherto Wordsmith’s 1 lawful.

Kier cathedra Phil Milk-white contemplation: “In in glut of a 10 as cardinal forewoman of Framer, Justin managed the recovery of famed distend in the space. In totalling, his in-depth beginning of the reflective piece, both in the UK and internationally, yearn for verification the skills and understanding of our contrary non-executive directors.”