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Workman dies in Eastbourne Pier grip a fall

Workman dies in Eastbourne Pier grip a fallThe Toughness & 1 Chairwoman is travail the termination of a communication skilled workman who smash from the fire-damaged Eastbourne Moor yesterday onto the coast inferior to. Upstair: The gentleman was operative on the charred carcase of Eastbourne Locale

Voice services were hailed in a miniature piece after 4pm to reports that a accompany had fallen from the technically inexact drop anchor. An submarine ambulance landed on the land external to the stilt, but the 44-year-old cuss from County was explicit gone at the finding from dome injuries incurred in the descend.

The pale was exterminated roughly fire on 30th July.

The clean-up employed has seen charred rubbish overwhelmed into skips and rejuvenate energy is progressing to pattern the discovery unharmed in the help of re-opening of the undamaged limb of the dock station in Phratry.