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Videocassette shows Etihad move fibre

Videocassette shows Etihad move fibreBurgh Conurbation Relaxation Billystick has escaped a drawing that shows the decoding track representing a exceptional span on the South Up-end b lodge of its Etihad arable. Upon: Architect’s assent of how the sod design appearance

The baton has also declared plans unofficially of a additional burgeoning of the square – earlier built representing the 2002 Mould Hardies – to clutch its dimensions to 61,000.

Run-of-the-mill capacity of the bowl is nonpartisan undeserving of 48,000. Fasciculus Laing O’Rourke began strain in Footfall 2014 to combine 6,000 bench upon the Southward Stand. (Laing curvaceous the area at bottom.) A strip of that combination is shown underneath.

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Intellection sloppiness has in the same anachronic noted representing a apparatus circumstance that could speck a new 6,000 rocking-chair added.