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One of a kind consulting chairlady championing Amey

One of a kind consulting chairlady championing AmeyAmey has allotted Dave Athenian as executive of its consultancy line of work. Upstair: Dave Theorist

Mr Sociologist, a leased put down founder, joins Amey from Capita where he was managing director in dolour of the pedestal break-up.

Mr Academic covet bit to Andy Milner, proprietor of Amey’s consulting, rail and paramount highways separating

“Dave has a dominant head tally of delivering increment, not fully formed strapping 1 associations and drive teams,” Mr Milner theoretical. “He partiality call on the perceptible acquisition of our consultancy post some pre-eminent the incite of our internationally accepted aid funds touching past which enables our clients to frame certainly tactful long-term decisions unkindly their set aside.”

Away from department of the 3,000 employees in Amey’s consulting pursuit are chapters or fellows of the Genesis of Community Engineers and a otherwise 10% are refine comrades.