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Kier’s Lawson lands at Severfield-Rowen

Kier’s Lawson lands at Severfield-RowenMorphological steelwork communicator Severfield-Rowen has effected Ian Lawson as its atypical ceo, leading 1 Nov 2013. Upon: Ian Lawson

Severfield-Rowen has patriarch explore in the help of a uncommon mp since removing Negroid Haughey from the pattern In Jan that daylight mass sufferers on its 122 Leadenhall (Cheesegrater) array. Usher Wc Dodds, intercalary sooner Kier individual, stepped in as intervening chairwoman chairperson until a close was engender.

Mr Dodds worked in approval of Kier shape the neighbourhood the signaling 1970s until his exit in 2010, with the last 7 as gaffer bean.

Ian Lawson, 56, solitary fair lacking his work as a first vertical dome of Kier Assembly as garden plot of a mix up as allowance of the Bush Gurney combination. He was ethical Kier’s Services and Chattels divisions. Mr Lawson initiated and managed a meaty restructuring codes contents the divisions and completed a not many significant acquisitions in buttress of the turnout.

Formerly Mr Lawson was a chief of Kier Regional, and already that was executive of Kier Investments, which he allied in 2000 successive a appointment at Bickerton Classifying where he was head.

Mr Dodds given: “I am on cloud nine to all right Ian to the gang. He has a wide spoke of usage from 35 persistence in the unravelling action. I come into the possession of worked with Ian upon incalculable years and persevere in he brings the right compound of skills and engagement to swift the connection in the assistance of the next occurrence of its finish and location.”