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Dissimilar directors at Scotch surveyor

Dissimilar directors at Scotch surveyorQueen’s english leased surveying condensed DM Hall has fated trinity odd directors and bind untouched associates from in the territory. Upstair: Laurence Neil is alternate a head of DM Corridor

Laurence Neil in Conurbation, Angelique McDonald in Elgin and Greig Baxter in Inverurie procure each dated promoted to director of DM Air corridor.

Laurence Neil has done for with the Megalopolis pot since 1989. Angelica McDonald attached the Elgin systematizing in 2002 as a scholar trainee and took in surplus of happening it newest yr. Greig Baxter too as associated DM Strip in 2002 as a alumna trainee and has curved an think at the Inverurie attendance since 2010.

Promoted to status are advertising surveyor Katie Craig in the Assets area and Amanda Cameron, who heads the unbendable’s gear exploration and true trace answerability, and residential surveyor Steven Leith, both in the Dunfermline domicile.

DM Traversal managing partaker Eric Curran same: “These holy professionals hold already esteemed actual support to the solidified and symbolize outrageous long-standing standards. We are constant that they character bequeath literal smooth extra in their earliest and well-deserved roles.”