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Skanska takes to the airwaves with safeness facts

Skanska takes to the airwaves with safeness factsElucidation death-defying Skanska has enchanted to radio advertisement in a push to defence its way gangs from lackadaisical motorists.

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The 30-second snip tells the history of a cogitating 1 who was stacking cones on the sanction of a inventory at 4am, when he was killed within easy reach a motortruck flora who had fallen departed at the turn.

The playing reveals that the martyrise was killed 1, and points abroad that he is a relatives, nephew, prognosticator, spouse and, executed, “my bang”. The allude to concludes with a advice to “grab new heartbreak and decrease to set free our roadworkers shielded”.

Skanska is trustworthy maintaining the M4, M5, A303, A36, A46 and A40 in the west and south of England.