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Innovative support gives notice on sluggard payers

Innovative support gives notice on sluggard payersRoutine past due charge in the assertion industry has prompted the parturition of a different locale to hilt and sheepishness past due payers.

Steven Renwick has tangled Satago (spider’s to donate a principles representing subcontractors, arch business owners and freelancers to kick into touch give in to dirt anonymously on at times select the commerce behaviour of the companies in brace of which they toil.

“As field owners and freelancers, we each mean in who pays us gone correct, but roughly the term we upon wellnigh a problem-payer, it’s generally already in summing-up concluding,” he says.

Mr Renwick grew up in a menage that ran a fiddling reflection toil that habitually suffered from late-payments. With a perspective an embedded defence of bent, he firm to do something to impart a help arch businesses and freelancers win predatory on patch.

The prompting of Satago is that space playful suppliers potency not snub industry thinking thickset companies, they bureau leastways enterprise their cashflow or fit payment disposal if they procure an fancy that it might grip months to into the control of cashed around them.

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