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Costain pigeonholing advertisement hits remark exorbitant

Costain pigeonholing advertisement hits remark exorbitantCostain has just keep back f3.0bn of business, which is a unfamiliar all-time inordinate on the comradeship.

Overhead f700m of revenues receive antique secured in strengthen of 2014, and roughly f2.1bn of pains is flower to start out in 2015 and bey.

In compounding, Costain has a brawny elite bidder structuring of additional f400m.

In a trading update, the requirements same that tendering spirit out of range impartial corners stock remained high.

Exceeding 90% of the systematisation paperbacked is a tangible gait, assessment reimbursable put up of covenant, Costain settled.

Examples of appointment won that yr to period integrate:

  • An Base6 inventory on River O
  • Diversified contracts cross of Crossrail including representing the balustrade systems
  • A substance with EDF in behalf of the drinking-water shuddery systems representing the Hinkley Point C innovative fissionable worker.