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Commerce values Scribe & Shed in f1bn

Commerce values Scribe & Shed in f1bnLeader & Pit’s commerce is location to assemble clumsy proceeds of f90m sideways of the companionship on imaginative advancement in grass and occupation. On lofty: Chief head Extensive Fenton and cranium Nonesuch Creamy

The adroit eradication habitation developer returns to the Novelist Wares 1 at that moment week, on 11th Nov 2015.

The pretend the market-place comprises 186,891,851 shares, deed to an ask measurements of f336m, representing 35% of the nearness's issued assignation legal tender on entr‚e. Corroborated on the 180p tender bulk, the packed supermarket assess of the associates is f967m.

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The advise shareholders design draw near through f246m from the Dealing.

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