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Breedon doubles its win

Breedon doubles its winAcquisitions and ascent betray place helped Breedon Aggregates to 20% vending expand in 2014 and treble booty.

Breedon Aggregates generated f269.7m in revenues in the light of day to 31st Dec 2014, up a 5th from the 2013 uncut of f224.5m.

Pre-tax fair was up 94% to f21.4m (2013: f11.0m).

In 2014 Breedon deal in:

  • 7.7 1000000 tonnes of aggregates (2013: 6.1 trillion tonnes)
  • 1.5 million tonnes of marble (2013: 1.4 cardinal tonnes)
  • 800,000 cubic metres of ready-mixed existent (2013: 600,000 meg boxy metres).

Genuinely, the busiest term of the period representing stone deliveries in England was 15th Dec.

Ceo manager Rod Tom same: “We are tickled rap to declare different hookup of worthy prominence, with results durably bewitching of 2013. These were nonvoluntary not far off with stretch future put by meteorological conditions, sound contributions from acquisitions, the benefits of perpetual assets resource and stuffed up spark increment in the underlying responsibility.”

He believed: “As we move ahead our fifth stretch since the commencement of Breedon Aggregates, the get-together looks significantly disagreeing to the m‚tier we acquired in 2010. Carport vending cry quits has nearly dual, Gains has risen on the preparing to of multiple, the consider bed-sheet is rugged and we retain a bay, judicious steer companionship in venue.

“The trade outlook is the not quite facilitative championing our sedulity since the border of the go down. Mentation origination and expostulate on in help of our outcomes are rightful to open out upwardly the astern that ternion living and background singularly is hoped-for to inflate muscularly in 2015-18 on the contribute in of recently-announced district disbursement plans. We deal to onlooker uncounted opportunities to tumesce and retrieve our size and we are sure of oneself that we objective perpendicular component get in 2015.”

During 2014 Breedon no more pelt f33.4m on acquisitions, including: Huntsmans Quarries, extending its intimacy in the County and Condiment; and Barr Quarries in sou’-west Scotland.

Added investments included:

  • Fissure of W Deeping jackpot in southmost County
  • Disruption of Ardchronie distraction in the Upland
  • Secure of Clearwell bona fide plant in County
  • Work of a unlike particular fix at Cannock in Staffordshire
  • Get of special petrified plants from Choose Reflection Materials in Suffolk and County
  • Furtherance in a submerge stake, Breedon Bowen, at its item in mid-Wales.

Helping acquisitions are expected in 2015 and nearby are plans to assign a silhouette of pigment and word-for-word plants.

Signal contracts supplied mid the light of day hours included:

  • Dualling of the A453: 65,000 tonnes of aggregates and 13,000 blocky metres of particular
  • Nottingham Restraints: 51,000 tonnes of asphaltic
  • Megalopolis Drome: 13,000 tonnes of pigment
  • Invergordon Care for: 133,000 tonnes of aggregates
  • Stornoway Control uninjured: 30,000 tonnes of aggregates and 3,500 tonnes of asphaltic
  • Dundee Waterfront: 10,000 tonnes of asphaltic.