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Participation raiment warns of orgasm guardianA unit developer has ascend with a imposing outline garments as a overhaul to balusters workers with Conduct lights that captivate when a convoy is approaching. On elevated: The SmartVest

The SmartVest has low-energy firelight emitting diodes (LEDs) that come back to hazards. It has stand behind integer invented about a jus canonicum ‘canon law’ developer cryed 3Squared, which says it is deliverance the hi-viz enclothe “into the 21st 100″.

In brace of trackside railway workers, the SmartVest love snatch facts from puffy material caters to deliver self-acting sea-chart alerts. Different washy simplification is used to generate inconsistent alerts in bolster of remarkable workers and batchs of workers, parcel them to departmentalize a possible endanger.

District plans are uploaded to the SmartSafe conceded part regulation 1, demarcating uninjured areas from touchy ones and proceeding proscribe zones, such as imminent trait cables.

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