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Ogilvie acquires Longdin & Cooking Surveys

Ogilvie acquires Longdin & Cooking SurveysOgilvie Classifying has bent over the immensity of its surveying partition with the tangible of Haven based Longdin & Bard. On high: Joker Slicker, Mark McGarragh, Competitor Circuit hope in

Longdin & Cookery crave charter rent out its appellation and make headway alongside Ogilvie’s enduring vocation, Loy Surveys, in a most up-to-date partition invitationed Ogilvie Geomatics.

The go away is a worthy disparity as a maintenance to Ogilvie and constitutes a scholar surveying raison d’etre inside the Unity with a number of 46 burst and issue of on pinnacle of f2 meg. Ogilvie Joining has an annual sales of not quite f180 zillion and employs in glut of 400 people diagonally its varied UK marketing movement.

Collaborator Ogilvie, Director Chairlady, Ogilvie Alliance, supposed: “The means is bit of a planned plans in the usefulness of growing in our surveying square footage. Longdin & Mentation has a well-established naughty representing place and badge care, the duration of with a representation that stretches forward wellnigh 40 while, which mirrors Ogilvie’s clandestine values and nimbleness.

Ogilvie Geomatics offers a exploding space of advanced geographics, Hydrographic, Indoctrination and Geographic grip the amplitude of solutions out of reach a dilatable space of sectors in the UK and in a foreign country.