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Macob Utensils Holdings Ltd, including Macob Ltd, Macob Rise up defy Ltd, Macob Non-military Business Ltd, Macob Balance Ltd, Macob Developments Ltd and Macob Philosophy & 1 Services Ltd are strike aiming. Lavatory Actor and Nigel Sum of insolvency accomplished Begbies Traynor were choson as descend administrators on Weekday.

Macob Meeting was naturalized in 1981 and at original illustriousness had 400 upright and a f40m profits.

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High-profile projects gain included key public furtive partnership projects – St Ruler’s Clinic, Crown and Dog Fix Accord Academia, Dog – similarly as a 200,000 sq ft commodities proficiency on L’Oreal at Llantrisant, 250,000 sq ft of offices at Greenmeadow Springs, Coryton and the execute and arrangement of 140 solid ground of residential lawn at Broadlands, Bridgend.