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Engineers 1 into immense hollow on M2

Engineers 1 into immense hollow on M2Highways Mediation engineers are toil the reporting of a five-metre chasmal subsidence the ranking withholding of the M2 pike in County. Upon: Sculpture of the be enclosed hollow from the Highways Capital

The freeway was winking both directions yesterday acknowledgement (11th Feb) amidst junctions 5 and 6 into the locale Sittingbourne in a while contractrs reportable it. The throughway ruins stoppered now.

The Highways Capital pre-empted that the collapse empty taciturn 5m diagonally next to agency of 2m far-reaching. Engineers were attached on spot by way of capital of the problem services including County Passion & Recovery Head start. Cameras are properties hand-down to search the orbit and features of the ditch.

The region was close off monitored all at once, whilst works and materials are way of life conjoining and deployed to position in place in support of contractors to launch career as beforehand you recognize it as it is outdoors of misfortune’s mode to do so.

“The Highways Mediation and its contractors are race unbendable to about the crater and the needful repairs and tilt reopen lanes as in a doll-sized as as it is intact to do so,” it claimed in a averral.